Ryan Nelsen Urging QPR To Keep Hold Of Adel Taarabt

It has been revealed that Ryan Nelsen has urged QPR to keep hold of Adel Taarabt.

The 23 year old Morocco international midfielder is a target for Manchester United.

Nelsen feels QPR will be making a big mistake if they allow Taarabt to go. When asked if he hoped the club ignore bids for the midfielder, he said: “Of course. I don’t think any player who can contribute to getting us up the table and staying in this League will be going anywhere.”

But the New Zealand international defender has also warned Taarabt that he has a lot of improving to do if he is to make the most of his potential.

He said: “Adel’s ability is there for all to see. When he gets in the right spots, he can create stuff.

“All Adel has to do is just be consistent and keep throwing out really good seven or eight-out-of-10 performances every week and not worry about any of the speculation.

“You can’t produce a 7-8/10 once every five games. If you want to be rated a great player you have to be consistent, doing it week after week, season after season.”

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