Cristiano Ronaldo is Gay?

There’s speculation that the world’s most expensive footballer is gay, yes that Bruno kinda way-gay.All over the web there are pictures and videos that claim to show and “proof” that he is indeed a gay.So what is your opinion on this? is he or is he not gay? read on, decide and comment.

Here are some pics:cristiano ronaldo

ronaldo rooney

The Girls:

What do you think? Just to balance things up here’s a list of girls that are known to have had a relationship with the Portugese at one point or another:

Merche Romero:
Merche Romero Merche Romero is a model, she’s a TV presenter and she’s half Spanish and half Portuguese and mind you 9 years older than Ronaldo.Although Cristiano never spoke of Merche as his girlfriend, he never confirmed or denied his relationship but in September 2006, Merche announced the end of their relationship in an interview.This was of course just the beginning for the Portugese winger and who knows how many gals came along his path.
Gemma Atkinson:
Gemma AtkinsonGemma Atkinson is an English actress, television personality and glamour and lingerie model.Atkinson rose to fame playing Lisa Hunter on the Channel 4 teenage soap opera Hollyoaks. She was also the ex-girlfriend of Alan Smith, Ronaldo’s teammate some time ago.In February 2009, Atkinson did some filming in the UK for a horror film called 13Hrs, in which she plays a character called Emily, and in March 2009 she did some filming for a new UK gangster film called Baseline.
In early 2006, Atkinson underwent breast enlargement surgery, which took her bra size to a 34E. She said in an interview that she lost weight due to a fitness regime and her bust size declined. The surgery then gave them the original shape they once had.
Since launching her parallel career as a glamour model, Atkinson has appeared in provocative photoshoots in lingerie and swimwear, including non-nude topless shots, for men’s magazines such as Arena, FHM, Loaded, Maxim, Zoo and Nuts. In October 2006, she appeared in three of the aforementioned magazines in one month, becoming one of the most prolific celebrity glamour models in the UK. In November 2006, it was announced by Zoo that Atkinson had agreed to lend her name to their regular “sex and relationships column”. She has also released two very successful calendars, in 2006 and 2007. Like the previous year, her 2009 calendar was also shot in Thailand and was released in November 2008.
Gemma: My fling with Ronaldo

Nereida Gallardo
Nereida Gallardo is a model. She’s best known, however, as the former squeeze of Manchester United football star Cristiano Ronaldo.Gallardo is a part-time nursing student and works as a model to get by. She generally sports long brown hair and is lauded and drooled after by men everywhere for her buxom, curvy figure.There are plenty of pictures modeling her figure available online.

Gallardo and Ronaldo are reported to have met at a night club one night on Mallorca, the largest island off mainland Spain and Gallardo’s home. The two were taken with one another and began dating soon after.For his part Ronaldo is one of Manchester United’s starplayers. He was born in Portugal and is Gallardo’s junior by almost two years. He has been playing with Manchester United since 2002 and 2003, receiving a hefty 12.24 million pounds for his contract. He’s since become an incredible asset to the team. He’s also the highest-paid player in Manchester United history, having signed a five-year contract in 2007 that sees 120,000 pounds a week going into his pocket.

All this money seems to have proven beneficial for Gallardo’s relationship with Ronaldo, as he has in the past shelled out to fly his girlfriend to wherever he’s playing to watch his games and cheer him on.The two have also been spotted numerous times in England, and were seen going to dinner recently with Ronaldo’s family just outside his Cheshire home.

Gallardo is somewhat of a beacon of controversy, though playful controversy at best: she has been photographed several times posing topless at parties and so forth, one of the most recent of which was along side two friends in a somewhat provocative pose. Ronaldo’s friends nevertheless commented at the time that the two were serious in their relationship.

Letizia Filippi
Letizia Filippi Letizia Filippi is a 31-year-old model (seven years his senior) and TV personality from Foligno, Italy. The pair met at a yacht party during one of Ronaldo’s numerous holidays this summer, and the former Manchester Utd star has since sent her flowers and had dinner with her. One Italian newspaper claimed Letizia stole his attention with a ‘gaze that melted him like an icicle in the sun’.

Than of course there was the infamous fling with Paris Hilton,Bipasha Basu,Mia Judaken and Alyona Haynes

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Still think he’s gay?

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  • flagged

    Definitely not gay, but maybe bisexual?
    I guess his new team mates will find out soon enough..haha

  • JayD

    he’s gay alright….

  • manhatter

    Definitely gay, come out of da closet….

  • e3nut

    No i dont think so, he is definitly liking the ladies, btw Gemma is hot!!

  • football blog

    Ye know what you have a point mate… I had my doubts….

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  • ash

    jst look at the last video dude….watch his reactionn….. damn his definitely gay.

  • Mandi O’Neil

    I think possibly bisexual but not all out gay, or maybe metrosexual. I don’t know can never tell now a days

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  • danielle

    Cristiano is sooo not gay even if he was i wouldnt kick him out ov bed lol 😉

  • andreas

    shut up asholes he is not gay

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  • http://totallmadness lydz

    he is soooooo gay

  • poppi

    er ist gay du schwulle sau er ist wie tim d.4

  • Slurms Mackenzie

    Bent as a nine bob note.

  • jake

    omg! look at the last video. His reactions are so gay! he wants that dick so badly. lol

  • Free bitch

    Love the soundtrack of first video.He is bisexual or gay

  • glauk


  • cocacola45

    40% gay, he has a lot of girlfrends you know…

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  • I love cris

    I wud love if is gay. I wud like to spend every night wid him

  • adesh

    sooo not gay its just the football world like my dad playing for fullham

  • adesh

    dude it doesnt care if hes gay or not hes just playing soccer! ppl are just jelous bc hes good and btw those pics are so falls. trust me

  • cris9

    mon cue cristiano n’est pas gaie est ne seras jamais gaie vous fou ou quoi il est pas gaie un points c ‘est tous bruno a eu la rage c’est tous.

  • Frank

    A lady boy a posiibility

  • hmm

    i dont think he’s gay, the dude has banged some seriously hot chicks.
    i do think though that he’s either bisexual or metrosexual…

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  • Hunney

    cristiano ronaldo is a gay?? hmm… I dont think so…

  • flagged

    Originally Posted By Hunneycristiano ronaldo is a gay?? hmm… I dont think so…

    Oh yes i believe he is, just a matter of time

  • flagged

    @Hunney – Just lke Ricky Martin

  • ninja foo’

    Cristiano Ronaldo is NOTT I repeat NOTT gayy!

  • Emani

    people are just jealous of what he can do, go CR;)
    and he is not gay !

  • Muffy

    He might be Bi? Hell, I don’t know. I would still sleep with him : )

  • Superbatgirl

    He must be bi. How could he be gay, though? He has a history of liking women, and there isn’t much proof there he likes guys. He was probably just trying to annoy them.

  • Belle

    I think the reasons for him being gay are stereotypes of gays. It show clear homophobia. I think he dresses nice, and is emotional, but that does not constitute as gay.

  • Cristiano

    Shut the fuck up u fucking assholes…I am not gay u motherbitches..U are just so jealous that ur girlfriends love me..I am the king of football and the hottes footballer on the planet so get the fuck over it..


    If he is… So what!!! He is a good soccer player!!!

  • clear thoughts

    What rational 25 year old hetro sexual man, who is arguably one of the most beautiful men in the world and could have any woman he wants, pays a surrogate to have a child for him???

    Sounds very similar to a Michael Jackson/ Ricky Martin.

    Gay for sure! Shame – being one of the best footballers in the world, he will likly have to live a lie due to fear of player/team mate and fan ridicule.

  • rodry

    He is definitrly gay.
    He paid a surrogate to have a baby ( a la Ricky Martin), he paints his toenails, he wears super short shorts, lipgloss, all his former”girlfriends” say he’s was very fruity….

    He is definitely a homosexual

  • rodry

    @clear thoughts

    very true

    the sports world is still very homophobic

  • Danny

    Probably not gay, but if he is, good for him

    doesn’t affect his football skills in any case
    and football is very homophobic so if he was, probably would damage his career

  • allen

    He is gay. But yeah he can’t come out or he will lose fans and probably even sponsors

  • safasfaf

    No, he’s not gay. He’s a bloddy fag!

  • http://yahoo bless

    hes gay shit dar nikka hurten for a squirten gay and he sucks at soccer

  • arax21

    Yeah, I think he’s bisexual, not 100%gay because of all the girlfriends he had or has, i don’t know, but yes, bi.

  • chela

    ahhhhhhhhh si le meten malicia por eso es que los famosos sufren……….
    puros chismes!!!!
    ademas la envidia mata y envenena

    cristiano ronaldo … esta muy bueno…..

  • chela

    nooooooooooo la unica en español noooooooo
    casi no llego al final de los comentarios…..
    bay bay

  • joe kels

    U re a bisexual u knw wat am talking abt.u gat d looks u might stil date d gals but u are atractd 2 guys.but i dnt mind.u re very col me n +2347030898878.

  • http://noon ochuko


  • aline

    Você deve ser muito desocupado!
    Por que eu não consigo entender o que leva uma pessoa há perder o tempo fazendo um blog, ou seja, lá o que for… pra ficar falando mal de outras pessoas…
    Ou você que é viado,pro Cristiano Ronaldo, mas sabe que nunca vai conseguir e fica fazendo essas coisas sem lógica.
    Ou então é um vagabundo que não tem o que fazer…
    Um conselho vai ler um livro e faz evoluir sua mente, ao invés de ficar fazendo essas coisas tão banais.
    Outra coisa, sai do armário logo seu GAY.

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  • Venado10

    Yup hes gay


  • Andi

    There is something called BISEXUAL, you know.  In fact, they’re more common than gays or lesbians.

  • Tammyjarred

    So what if he is; to each their own.

  • Gordon Hill

     Ronaldo is nor gay, hes just  an emotional extrovert and loving.

  • Carlton

     Of course he’s gay. Duh!

  • Dougmthestud

    YES, He is. He czn go to btd with me any time

  • Ali

    Cristiano Ronald is not gay!! He is a soccer god don’t be jealous ’cause you’re not him!!!

  • Meep

    I think hes just bisexual…