WAGS – Antonella Roccuzzo, girlfriend of Lionel Messi

Argentinean Playboy model Luciana Salazar and Catalonian lingerie fan Macarena Lemos have tried to tie him down in the past, but this is the lady to whom Leo Messi will dedicate the rest of his years. According to the Spanish press, Antonella Roccuzzo will wed the 21-year-old Barcelona star in their hometown of Rosario at the end of 2010.

Antonella, who is studying to become a dietitian, hooked up Messi in December when he returned to Argentina for the holidays, but has known him since childhood. She supports Messi’s childhood club Newell’s Old Boys, and is the cousin of fellow alumnus Lucas Scaglia.





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  • ojas

    happy married lyfffffffffffffff
    keep rokking
    v all luv u

  • http://yahoo nehemia

    happy married life messi,all DA best

  • alyssa

    awww yo look soooooo cute together…
    happy marriage messi
    luv yo lots<3<3

  • http://www.google.com Aurupa

    Antonella is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty.I think she wll be areal life partner of messi.So all the best both of you.

  • benjamin

    the girl is ugly and attention seeking, the way she wears “vulgar” bikini in some pics over the internet. i still don’t understand what messi sees in her. there are more beautiful women out there with class. or maybe he doesn’t go out too much. i really wish he won’t marry her.

  • messi

    man,,, r u a gay or smething? she’s beautiful…. who cares with whom Messi likes,,, they don’t interrupt ur frikkin life ! 

  • JJ


  • ShirtlessLocke

     Funny given how most WAGS (I feel dirty for using that term) have dozens of Nuts spreads and pose naked to desperately try to remain relevant. This one doesn’t seem to, so you seem to have it backwards.